Unbinding the Book

  1. Vince Koloski

    Vince Koloski’s sculptural works incorporate neon and light to create the images and text carried on the pages of books. This combination of literature and light recalls the latter as a symbol of knowledge: illumination defined as intellectual enlightenment.

    For Unbinding The Book, Koloski will create an installation based on The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Elliot that incorporates a chest of drawers made in the style of the early 20th century. The drawers will be pulled out and set up as an accordion fold book. The text from Elliot’s poem will appear to the float over the accouterments of Prufrock’s life. This effect will change the way which we approach the text, creating a contradiction within Koloski’s work: Whilst the book is the invention that is most responsible for engendering the information-based society we live in today, his book sculptures reminiscent of the primitive experience of gazing into the fire as it glows against the darkness.

    Here some images of Kolski building the cabinet that will house the work:

    Drilling screw holes for LED channels

    edge polishing

    finished edge

    Laser etched page prior to mounting

    Original drawers