Unbinding the Book

  1. Noot film

    Noot takes us through their project from conception through to the creation of their work for Unbinding The Book.

  2. Carlin Brown

    Carlin Brown works predominantly as a digital artist. Using digital media, Brown is capable of manipulating representations of reality into something artificial, or in some cases, hyper-real. For this project, using digital techniques such as web coding, computer graphics, and screen captures as well as incorporating lenticular prints and acetate Brown will bring the online experience into book form.

    Recontextualising these web artefacts into the pages of a book describes and challenges the way the Internet has begun to take over the offline experience. The implied narrative of my project follows the artist’s struggle between the compulsive desire to stay digitally connected, and the inherent allure of analog techniques. Brown will also create an e-book equivalent of her physical book, creating parallels and distinctions between the two formats.