Unbinding the Book

  1. Laura Jouan film

    Entitled ‘Monument’, Laura Jouan’s project considers the parallels between books and architecture, and studies the form of the book as opposed to the text it contains. 

  2. Interview with Laura Jouan


    What attracted you to the Unbinding the Book project?

    Unbinding the Book, as the title suggests, offered an opportunity to think outside the box. I like to questioning and investigating the medium and graphic design in general.

    What draws you to the book as a medium? 
    Without content, books or posters are empty containers, which makes them very interesting to work with, as you’re challenging them as objects, rather than what they’re holding.

    Could you explain your practice?
    My practice is graphic design.  Whilst I’m happy to respond to commissions, I am also interested in exploring the physicality of objects such as books and the way they are handled, in order to rethink our use of the medium.

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    Could you describe your project?
    My project explores the Architecture of Book, the parallels between the two and how we visualise architecture while reading.

    What materials are you incorporating into your work?
    I used 6000 sheets of clear acetate to produce up to 30 books-objects. My project is a collection of books, all of them have the same format, each one representing a different chapter that makes up a story. Seeing as they are designed to be similar to buildings and towers, I have built a landscape out of coloured sand for them to be displayed on.


    Your practice seems to centre around materiality. What draws you to this as a line of inquiry?
    I guess I am genuinely interested in questioning what can be done with the things we create. This should affect the concept of our work as a graphic designer, as we are working with physical objects.

    Your books are taking on a sculptural form. In general sense, to what extent does content dictate form, and vice versa?

    In this case, I am focusing on the medium as opposed to the content. The focus is entirely on their sculptural form.

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