Unbinding the Book

  1. Aymee Smith film

    Aymee Smith guides us through the production process of her book for Unbinding The Book and discusses illegibility, tactility, the democratisation of print and the boundaries of the printed page.

    Aymee Smith from jotta on Vimeo.

  2. Aymee Smith

    Aymee Smith is an artist whose primary focus is upon the relationship between author, text and reader. She is currently drawn to illegible text, attempting to locate the point at which the text becomes indecipherable, when words seems to reduce themselves to nothingness, to a work essentially without medium. Photocopying Craig Dworkin’s book ‘Reading The Illegible’ onto acetate, before layering one sheet over another and scanning them, Smith will layer a text to the point at which it can be seen and become invisible at the same time. The first page of her book would comprise the first page of Dworkin’s book, the second page would be the first and second pages layered over each other, the third page would be the first, second and third, and so on – gradually the text would become more and more undecipherable and challenging. Smith’s work pushes the printed page to its limits, making the viewer aware of these limitations.